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bye-bye thursday.

Mata kata, "AIna, jom lah tidur, saya dah mengantuk"

Ye lah, ye lahh.

Memanjang aku kene ikut cakap kau, mata.

B, thanks for the goodnight song,
sure tidur nyenyak punyaa. ;))

Dream, dream

Evryday, we talk about 'our children'
Haha. Wth.
Suka hati lahh.
That invisible babies will soon be born,

And now si dia sudah pandai minat kucing.
Bersyukur sgt, at least in the future i dont have any problem to keep one.
I have ambition to build shelter for stray cats,
and my sister will be the vet doc.

And now if I'm going sight seeing,
dah mula mencari rumah sendiri,
berangan-angan lagi.
Diploma pun belum habis, haha.

First sekali, akan beli kereta idaman.
Second, rumah.
Then, getting married, have cute babies with the man of my life.

Yeah, these are dreams,
tapi siapa tahu kan, termakbul nanti. AMIN.

what am i doing now?
texting my munshterr

alone and missing

i am all alone,
coz my roomate has already fallen asleep.

this gloomy room,
can never make me go to sleep early.

the guys next door,
have never stop making noise,

the light of my lappy,
could bring someone to death
but, still i'm alive

how life is precious, and i still consider myself alone?
think about someone who doesn't have any friends.
they are more lonely than you are.

and consider yourself lucky,
coz if you have gazillion friends,
the chances to get more backstabber is big

lebih baik sendiri.