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The Enclave

I always on the road. When I cross the Sultan Azlan Shah road, or formerly known as Tigerlane, I always stumbled upon this house property development; The Enclave. They're still in progress of developing tho. But when I looked at the board, and looked how awesome that house is, I start to build my own dream. And just now, I walking around the internet, searching for the developers info and what so ever, i found this; The Enclave . Go to this site, and surely you will start to develop your own dreams too!

The Enclave is situated along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, adjacent to the Royal Perak Golf Club and Perak Turf Club. I find this place really calming you know, with lots of trees. Please Aina, in Ipoh still lots of tree okay.

Accommodation? Pool, playground. Its an open-space. If I have any children in the future (of course I will, insyaAllah), I will raise them here. Plus 5mins drive from my house at Taman Ipoh Jaya,

With minimum price RM800k and maximum price can reach over RM2millio…