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7 weeks and counting

Assalamualaikum. Dah 7 minggu, alhamdulillah, and last Monday baru first time experienced muntah-muntah. Bunyi mcm tak best, but actually I was excited when I vomited. Baru lah rasa mengandung. But when I told Mak bout this, she was unsure, sebab masa dia pregnant dulu, dia tak pernah muntah-muntah or alah apa-apa. That's why kadang-kadang dia tak tau nak explain mcm mana.
I plan to go for a check-up this coming Saturday, nak tau condition kandungan and my baby je. Harap-harap sihat and normal. I just read a blog about someone yg pecah air ketuban during her 16 weeks, which was too early. And she thought she peed. She is now admitted to the hospital for more than 2 months now and I almost cried reading how she and her baby struggling to live. I hope everything is well for them.
Now, I am extra careful on what I consume everyday. I'll make sure that I take folic acid everyday. I drank Horlicks at night before I go to sleep. And semalam mintak husband ambilkan first belly photo…