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I bought these three toys from IKEA firstly because the colours are attractive, secondly, I like their features which develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. Its really hard these days to find an educational toy at a very reasonable price. Of course, for the stacking beaker, you have the options to choose your own DIY plastic cups, but then when this only cost you RM6.90 which will not burn a big hole in your pocket. But maybe I introduced those two at the top too early from Haqimi's age. My MIL quite worried if he will put the stick in mouth. But then it is stated, "-The stick is soft and will not injure children if they fall on it." And those two Stacking Rings and Bead Rollercoaster are still reasonable. For Haqimi, I provide him lots of books. Some of the books are inherited from me, because Mak loved to buy me story books, those were cheap on those days. And everytime we go out, when we enter the book shop, I will at least buy him one book. I just want him…