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Hi. I feel like writing today, after quite a long time of being hiatus. Today is our national mourning day, the final arrival of MH17, we Malaysians, feel and share all the pains with their family members and friends. Al-Fatihah. And today, my pregnancy just turns 20 weeks. Wee. It means that I have go through half of the journey. Pheww. So many ups and downs during this one. With a one year old who always in seek of attention (well ibu understands that you want to manja before your new baby sister/brother arrive kan?) But today I wanna share with you guys what kind of good deeds that is easy to be done. Feeding stray cats and dogs. Its either you want to keep a small amount of pet food in your car, or if there's any 7Eleven nearer to you, you can buy a small pack of pet food and give to them. I was at a clinic, and I saw a dog. There's no 7Eleven, just a pharmacy which sold breads. I feel pity to that dog, so I just bought a bread and hoping for the dog to eat it. And yes, …