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Dilated Cardiomyopathy Part 2

So i was changing wards for three times. From surgical ward - medical ward - first class ward when my condition was a bit stable.

Staying in government hospital, to be honest, you'll be friends with lots of people. Your neighbouring beds and the relatives of your neighbour. After i changed to 1st class ward, then i can have a little peace of mind. It was more quiet. And can have companion too.

I have some colleagues who paid me a visit. MITI Perak came for a visit, MITI KL was a bit late but its okay, i appreciate your kindness.

I gain weight before getting the right medication. I still cough when lay down flat. My tummy is still big. The neurologist came and said there's nothing wrong with my liver. Then they decided to do echo test on me. They found out that only 23% of my heart is functioning. That means, my heart can only pump 23% of oxygen to all my body. And my heart is swollen.

..to be continued..

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

'It has been so long since i write in this blog'. 

I guess I'll have to make that phrase permanent for every post. 

So many things were happening during this 8 months. From being sick to getting back your health again, and being sick again until you're diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

I wasn't aware of those symptoms I had. I just thought maybe it was just asthma attack (since I've had it from child, then stop on 1997, last attack was when I was pregnant in 2015). On Ramadhan, it was getting worst. I walk from partition to partition in my office, and I get tired easily. Again, I thought I was just having short breath. 

I lost my appetite, I felt nauseous and bloated. Even my tummy was big, big enough to make people think that I am pregnant (which I did not hope so since my baby was only 7 months at that moment).

Until the first week of Raya, where I couldn't bare the pain anymore, I had decided to go to the clinic and get a scan. We had visited the clinic few times before and yes doctors just prescribed me with some asthma and lungs medication. And it was found that the bloated is because the free fluid in my abdomen. 

Image result for free fluid in abdomen

At that moment, I was kinda shocked, because I have never heard of this before. The doctor immediately prepared me some referral letter for me to go to the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh since I opt to get the treatment there because they need to investigate further what is the fluid, is it blood, 'nanah' or just water?

So after that, we (my sister and I) immediately go to the emergency, gave them the referral letter, and yes, it was the longest time ever to wait in the triage where lots of patience have to wait before discharge or boarding to respective wards.

I was waiting to be transferred for almost 12 hours. At 2am. Can u imagine? 

The next few days in hospital, I just felt tired, and the doctors did a few procedures on me to remove the access water. First week admitted they thought me having 'bengkak hati'. U know like hati ayam with full of fats? But they did all required tests to find out the cause, and they found nothing. That includes hepa tests. I did not take alcohol and I did not have any lifestyle that could lead to having Hepatitis A, B or C.

When my family visited me, poor Safiyyah. She had to sacrificed breastfeeding due to the medicines I consumed.

Went for tapping.

Image result for tapping water from stomach

After the procedure, they collected 350ml of yellowish water. And it was not a lot but it was NOT normal for people my age.

This is my 2nd ward.

...to be continued..


Long Distance Relationship

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

First of all, I have missed blogging so much. Can u imagine my last post was in 2015? 3 years ago! And within 3 years, a new baby has born. 

2017 - was a year where my husband, my kids and I started our long distance relationship. I was pregnant, heavily pregnant when we moved out from our Kepong quarters and then I have to live with my in law and my husband has to live with his too.

The first few months were tiring. I sometimes had to drive back and forth to Ipoh since I miss my kids and husband so much plus I am the one who uses the car. For your information, my husband has been transferred to Ipoh, working in the same department as my parent. So they went to work together. At first I decide to take care of Hana here in KL but then with my then condition (hypertension), we decided to let her ayah took care of her too along with Haqimi. So my husband are taking care of both my children while I am in KL.

Until the day Safiyyah was born on 8 November 2017, then  I got to spend 3 months with them. Then we went separated again when my maternity leave has ended on February 2018.


What happen in a year?


It's been a year since I wrote my previous post. I do have time, I do have the ideas but when I started writing, they were all gone! 

Too many things happened in a year. Let's sum everything in one post. Okay?

I just gave birth to my second child, a beautiful baby girl on January 8th, 2015 at 8.43pm. It was on Thursday night. Thought of holding the pain much longer cause I want both my children be born on Friday. But I just can't. The second one, the pain were much more stronger. I was induced at 1.00pm and started to feel the contractions one hour later. Keep going back and forth to the toilet. At 5.00pm I had to call for any nurses or doctors to check the opening. Only 3cm. Then at 6.00pm, the pain was no longer bearable, and Alhamdulillah they took me to the LR. One minute in there feels like one hour. Sakit gila! At 7cm opening I already pushed my baby girl out and thank God I did that, because once she's out, she's already poop. Trust mother instinct, everyone. I don't care how many degree my tear was, but I was grateful enough that my baby is safe. 

She was born small, weighing around 2.72kg. But now at 6 months plus she is already 8.5kg. Phew! Power of breastfeeding. And she talks a lot now but she is calmer than her brother. Her brother is still being cranky sometimes. At his age, I think its normal. He will be 2 this coming August. Me? Just a dead mother. HAHA! Because both are still too young. In fact, I have to take care of two infants before one become toddler. 

End of my labor story. Let's go the next story.

My father in law passed away on February 26th, 2015 due to lung cancer. He's been sick for almost a year. Days before he was admitted, Haqimi was down with fever (he just had his 18 months old jab). He kept vomiting and got his one months old sister infected as well. Since I just finished my confinement days, then I decided to go back to Ipoh because my husband and other family members were busy handling my late father in law at the hospital. Hana had been sneezing and coughing. Since she was too small, she could not let her mucus out. And she was looking unwell. I was really exhausted back then. Both my kids were sick and they need me to breastfeed them. Later at one night, I brought Hana to KPJ Ipoh and the paed diagnosed that my daughter had pneumonia. She was being referred to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun and was admitted in NICU for 2 days before she was transferred to normal ward. My husband came after his turn of taking care of Abah, and that night, when we thought Abah was healthy (he was discharged, back home and he said he couldn't swallow any foods, they decide to bring Abah back to the hospital, he fell and around 10.00pm, Abah had already gone). We were on our way to KL while Hana was still in hospital (my mom took care of her). Spend two nights with the in laws for tahlil and everything and rushed back to Ipoh. It happened really fast. My husband must be a really strong man. 


...to be continued...


Persiapan Raya 2014

Alhamdulillah. Dah 10 hari puasa. Last year memang tak dapat puasa penuh sebab tengah sarat mengandung. Anak dalam perut pun dah start dok makan. Dengan keluar masuk hospital. Tapi Ramadhan kali ni pun apa kurangnya, pregnant jugak, walaupun baru 3 bulan, tapi terasa jugak sebab baby baru nak membentuk. I hope you're doing fine dalam tu baby.
Back to cerita persiapan raya tahun ni, sangat sangat lah susah. Ada satu weekend tu, pergi la area Seksyen 7 tu, cadangnya nak cari la baju raya, masyaAllah, ramai sgt manusiaaaa. Semua dok pulun nak shopping hari tu. Sempat pi Calaqisya tapi tak dapat pun jubah sebab warna pilihan sold out. Terasa sgt buang tenaga and masa kat situ. Dengan Haqimi sejak nak jadi abang ni memang takmo berenggang langsung. Nak berkepit dengan mak dia je.
So decide nak pi hari lain. Hari Rabu, kebetulan ade appointment dengan specialist, doc kasi MC. Gunakan peluang ni untuk shopping. Ye, memang suke shopping sorang. Senang. Tak payah fikir sibuk orang lain ke apa kan, semua tanggung sendiri. Tapi puas hati. Guna whatsapp je tanya husband ok ke tak, warna ni ok ke, harga ok ke tak. Alhamdulillah. Settle baju tiga beranak ni.
For ibu(me)

Untuk Haqimi and Ayah, ibu dah beli baju melayu dekat Jakel. Ayah berbaju melayu Aaron Aziz, Haqimi berbaju melayu Zizan Razak (walaupun ayah tak approve). Senang warna, kain memang matching habis. Material sama. Ada promotion lagi. Cuma baju Haqimi agak besar sikit. Nanti ibu kasi lipat and jahit ok. No worries.


Some People...

Some people are just plain rude. They want to be respected but do not want to respect other people at all. Contoh, seorang budak, not even twelve years old yet, post a picture of her in facebook. Then suddenly 'this' type of people commented something negative, and what do you expect for the other party to reply?

BigPay for a Big Spender Like Me!

Shh don't tell anyone I'm using BigPay and it's amazing! It's a powerful app that tracks your expenses and lets you manage y...