Haha i can't get enough of watching that softlan video. Kenapa la budak budak ni comel gila. I wanna have one, tapi another 6 or 8 years kot, kumpul aset dulu ye, jgn lah harta tak seberapa lepas tu nak kahwin nanti anak tak terurus buang merata-rata, dera sana sini, buat kerja bukan-bukan.

And this is my favorite girl;

♥ ♥ ♥

This is Luke, the cheeky boy ♥

Aww comel :')

Aww the towel boy , very adorable smile

"Terima kasih, mama!" :')


comel gila kan budak-budak ni. I love kids. But I tend to look garang in front of them, but they love me [slowly they will]. I have a cousin, who just like the girl that says "Terima kasih krn buat cadar sy bau mcm mama", and now I'm missing her. I miss Iman. I don't remember where did i put her picture eh. Wait wait. Haa jumpa pun.

She's a bit gelap sekarang, she used to be like Japanese girl dulu, but her voice, memang macam dlm softlan commercial tu. Aww comel! :')



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I sleep late tonight, just taking some advantage from my weekly leave tomorrow. Yay! happy happy.

But for now,
[mind the hairy leg]

why eh, if you're with your loved ones, you will never realize how times fly fast.
Yes, I miss my other half in JB.
Phewphewwhewwwww what a word to start with, yes, i am sighing. What a week! You know, i work 6days a week, 8 hours a day. Okay not much for exhausted-ness. But still my body feel ache here and there every moment i reached home. I like working from 3pm-11pm, because by the time i reached home, i can go to sleep. That is my sleep time, and i can wake up late. How i hate working from 11pm-7am, penat gila okay. And mengantuk. And menakutkan. And menyeramkan. And membosankan. And membanyak kerjakan. Really. Time ni la baru stock nak sampai, nak restock barang semua. And mungkin akan berdepan dgn kaki-botol, or kaki-tin-royal stout. Yep, there was one uncle ni, from 1am until 7am mcm tu kan, keluar masuk beli. and the 7th time he came in, pintu pun dah tak nampak. Ingatkan tunggu kat luar sebab nak bagi hilang mabuk, rupanya lepas tu masuk beli lagi. And the next day i work at the same shift, he was still wearing the same shirts. Yuks. *sigh* working at 24hours convenience retail store is not as easy as you may think. Especially with the post of becoming the next trainee manager. I have to face the store manager, field manager, and the worst is area manager. The upper the position, makin mengada lah perangai. Sampai sekarang i haven't met the area manager, or so-called bapak tiri. Dia tengking aku, aku buat bodoh je, I've experienced. heh. I've to do all the basic stuffs, from cleaning the window, ada la dekat 9 tingkap kena wipe inside out, then kena sweeping, mopping. Paling tak best la semua tu. That's why I hate morning shift, I have to make sure every single things are 100% done and perfect. *bunuh diri*

The best things being there are the chances of looking others life and think about it. Like, I've seen a family, not so rich, but i guessed they're not living as well as we are now, where the father was craving for Magnum[read:ice-cream], and the mother was for something-i-don't-remember-what-it-was, the son was thinking of buying a comic which cost RM6.50, pretty cheap for some of us right, and the daughter wanted a bar of chocolate. The total cost of those things was almost RM15, but they only have RM12 something, and the son wanted to give up one his comic, but the father said "Jangan, biar ayah tak ambil ais krim ni", he was willing to sacrifice his craving, for his son. I mean, looking at the father's face, when he couldn't manage to fulfill every needs including himself, is so frustrating, so a wake-up call for me. It was so sad okay. Where I sometimes begging mak and abah for something that I don't really need, and wasted it later, to realize that some people out there, don't even have the chances to buy things, they can only watch. And, I was thinking, what 'the pakcik' feel that time, maybe he 'tasted' the Magnum; the moment when he intended to buy it, and then he had to forget it for the sake of his son's happiness.

In whatever work you're doing, no matter how much 'hates' you have in it, just think that there might be some good out of it. Maybe a lesson, maybe a good attitude. Maybe some bad example that you shouldn't follow. The good and bad leadership. Kaki kipas punya orang.

7Eleven new employee


I disabled my title because why I have to put title if finding the title took plenty of my time. Okay, I rarely online now, probably because I am an employee now. Working at 24hours convenience retail store is not easy yo. By the way, i work as the management trainee. But I am applying for continuation of my studies. Either in Chartered Institutes of Marketing or Chartered Institutes of Transport. I'm 21 lah people, still young, i don't wanna waste my fresh brain on working. Yet. Yes today I work at afternoon shift. And be back at 11pm. And tomorrow my work start at 11pm end at 7am. Yay! Benci -___-"

Now I'm thinking why i have to put that 'yay'? Ohh because i want to cheer myself up. Pretend to be happy while I am not. I hate you.

And please setan, stop interfering my sleeps. You always come with weird dreams, like KFC with beehoon? And I am dating Zizan?

Somehow I love some of my dreams, but that was only a dream. Dream would forever be a dream, not a reality. yeah, I like that dream of mine really much. I wish that it'll become reality no matter how many years it will take. I really really hope. I can't wait to sleep again and have that dream. If dreaming is sweeter than reality, I'd rather sleep forever. Like sleeping beauty.

Okay, tadi dkt twitter dah say bye-bye nak pergi mandi, dah berpuluh minit tercegat lagi depan pc. Okay now betul-betul bye-bye.

Mintak-mintak hati ni pulih sendiri nanti.


I love Ipoh.

Ipoh ni memang betul food heaven. Delicious food at reasonable price. Siapa yang tak mau kann. Ahh aku ni, memangjang aja pasal makanan. Dah aku suka makan,nak buat mcm mana. Tadi lepak oldtown, then nad makan apa benda tah dgn wantan. Terliur sampai sekarang. Esok aku nak pergi makan!

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