I disabled my title because why I have to put title if finding the title took plenty of my time. Okay, I rarely online now, probably because I am an employee now. Working at 24hours convenience retail store is not easy yo. By the way, i work as the management trainee. But I am applying for continuation of my studies. Either in Chartered Institutes of Marketing or Chartered Institutes of Transport. I'm 21 lah people, still young, i don't wanna waste my fresh brain on working. Yet. Yes today I work at afternoon shift. And be back at 11pm. And tomorrow my work start at 11pm end at 7am. Yay! Benci -___-"

Now I'm thinking why i have to put that 'yay'? Ohh because i want to cheer myself up. Pretend to be happy while I am not. I hate you.

And please setan, stop interfering my sleeps. You always come with weird dreams, like KFC with beehoon? And I am dating Zizan?

Somehow I love some of my dreams, but that was only a dream. Dream would forever be a dream, not a reality. yeah, I like that dream of mine really much. I wish that it'll become reality no matter how many years it will take. I really really hope. I can't wait to sleep again and have that dream. If dreaming is sweeter than reality, I'd rather sleep forever. Like sleeping beauty.

Okay, tadi dkt twitter dah say bye-bye nak pergi mandi, dah berpuluh minit tercegat lagi depan pc. Okay now betul-betul bye-bye.

Mintak-mintak hati ni pulih sendiri nanti.


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