Ratusan purnama berlalu..
tapi cinta tak pernah berlalu..
walau kau usir aku dari hidupmu..
tapi cintaku tetap diam..

Kau memori terindah
tak ku duga kini engkau datang lagi..
andai kan minit bisa berhenti..
waktu tak berjalan ..
maka dari itu dengar, lihat..
waktu kita tak banyak..
andai ini kesempatan terakhir kita nikmati..

.. ini adalah antara bait-bait OST bagi Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (AADC2). Gigih bawak Hana masa tu semata-mata filem ni. So far, cerita ni OK la. Banyak straight forward. Tak ada konflik yang melampau. Banyak throwback. Tapi ye la. Lepas 14 tahun kan. Dalam cerita tu, Cinta & Rangga dah break 9 tahun. Dorang bercinta selama 5 tahun macam tu la. Cuma yang buat Cinta benci sangat si Rangga ni sebab dia break pakai surat je. Takda explanation apa-apa. 

Sebab tu la Cinta confess, "Rangga, apa yang kamu ke aku itu, JAHAT."

Tapi tu lah kan. Who would've know what will happen. 

Tapi bait lagu Jangan Ajak-Ajak Dia ni agak memberi kesan jugak dlm diri aku. I have been in a situation where we just enjoyed our last minutes together, (obviously sebab dah break-off and masing-masing dah moved on dengan pasangan baru). Even my friend yang teman sekali masa tu kata "Eh, korang tak macam putus pun."

Yes, masa tu we spent the whole day happily tanpa memikirkan yang kitorang dah takda apa-apa. And memang that was our last minutes together. We did not contact each other sampai la I have now married to my husband. Dah ada anak 2 dah pun.

Anyway, ini cerita 7 or 8 years ago. Lama sangat dah. I'm glad that I made such decisions. I was a bad girlfriend back then so I am happy now because they have met their true love. Kalau masih stick dengan aku ni, they won't be where they are right now. 

With my husband, I just have to accept, apa saja baik buruk dia, he's my husband and the father of my children. Reaching my 4th years of marriage. I'm happily blessed with cute and brilliant kids.


What happen in a year?


It's been a year since I wrote my previous post. I do have time, I do have the ideas but when I started writing, they were all gone! 

Too many things happened in a year. Let's sum everything in one post. Okay?

I just gave birth to my second child, a beautiful baby girl on January 8th, 2015 at 8.43pm. It was on Thursday night. Thought of holding the pain much longer cause I want both my children be born on Friday. But I just can't. The second one, the pain were much more stronger. I was induced at 1.00pm and started to feel the contractions one hour later. Keep going back and forth to the toilet. At 5.00pm I had to call for any nurses or doctors to check the opening. Only 3cm. Then at 6.00pm, the pain was no longer bearable, and Alhamdulillah they took me to the LR. One minute in there feels like one hour. Sakit gila! At 7cm opening I already pushed my baby girl out and thank God I did that, because once she's out, she's already poop. Trust mother instinct, everyone. I don't care how many degree my tear was, but I was grateful enough that my baby is safe. 

She was born small, weighing around 2.72kg. But now at 6 months plus she is already 8.5kg. Phew! Power of breastfeeding. And she talks a lot now but she is calmer than her brother. Her brother is still being cranky sometimes. At his age, I think its normal. He will be 2 this coming August. Me? Just a dead mother. HAHA! Because both are still too young. In fact, I have to take care of two infants before one become toddler. 

End of my labor story. Let's go the next story.

My father in law passed away on February 26th, 2015 due to lung cancer. He's been sick for almost a year. Days before he was admitted, Haqimi was down with fever (he just had his 18 months old jab). He kept vomiting and got his one months old sister infected as well. Since I just finished my confinement days, then I decided to go back to Ipoh because my husband and other family members were busy handling my late father in law at the hospital. Hana had been sneezing and coughing. Since she was too small, she could not let her mucus out. And she was looking unwell. I was really exhausted back then. Both my kids were sick and they need me to breastfeed them. Later at one night, I brought Hana to KPJ Ipoh and the paed diagnosed that my daughter had pneumonia. She was being referred to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun and was admitted in NICU for 2 days before she was transferred to normal ward. My husband came after his turn of taking care of Abah, and that night, when we thought Abah was healthy (he was discharged, back home and he said he couldn't swallow any foods, they decide to bring Abah back to the hospital, he fell and around 10.00pm, Abah had already gone). We were on our way to KL while Hana was still in hospital (my mom took care of her). Spend two nights with the in laws for tahlil and everything and rushed back to Ipoh. It happened really fast. My husband must be a really strong man. 


...to be continued...



I feel like writing today, after quite a long time of being hiatus.
Today is our national mourning day, the final arrival of MH17, we Malaysians, feel and share all the pains with their family members and friends. Al-Fatihah.
And today, my pregnancy just turns 20 weeks. Wee. It means that I have go through half of the journey. Pheww. So many ups and downs during this one. With a one year old who always in seek of attention (well ibu understands that you want to manja before your new baby sister/brother arrive kan?)
But today I wanna share with you guys what kind of good deeds that is easy to be done.
  1. Feeding stray cats and dogs. Its either you want to keep a small amount of pet food in your car, or if there's any 7Eleven nearer to you, you can buy a small pack of pet food and give to them. I was at a clinic, and I saw a dog. There's no 7Eleven, just a pharmacy which sold breads. I feel pity to that dog, so I just bought a bread and hoping for the dog to eat it. And yes, he ate it. One good deed done.
  2. Feeding people. You don't have to look for any gelandangan in town justto feed them. You may buy foods for those people you saw on the street, at the pasar malam (peminta sedekah), or maybe just someone that you feel he/she needs the food.
These two are common things that I do when my husband and I were out. There are a lot of other things that you can do. By giving some way to people crossing the road, by paying for someone who don't have extra cash, and etc.
I wish that we all we will always dimurahkan rezeki so that we can help more.