Dilated Cardiomyopathy Part 2

So i was changing wards for three times. From surgical ward - medical ward - first class ward when my condition was a bit stable.

Staying in government hospital, to be honest, you'll be friends with lots of people. Your neighbouring beds and the relatives of your neighbour. After i changed to 1st class ward, then i can have a little peace of mind. It was more quiet. And can have companion too.

I have some colleagues who paid me a visit. MITI Perak came for a visit, MITI KL was a bit late but its okay, i appreciate your kindness.

I gain weight before getting the right medication. I still cough when lay down flat. My tummy is still big. The neurologist came and said there's nothing wrong with my liver. Then they decided to do echo test on me. They found out that only 23% of my heart is functioning. That means, my heart can only pump 23% of oxygen to all my body. And my heart is swollen.

..to be continued..

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