Hello guys! I haven't spent so much of time on blogging lately, probably due to my lack of idea to write, or i haven't got any thoughts, yet. A few days ago, a friend of mine, Huda Luna said that wearing hijab with high bun is forbidden. I knew it. Yer lah, show much of your hair length without directly showing them. I think when I was in secondary school, my friend did say bout it, but as much we do, we never care, kan. Rasa tak layak bercakap macam ni padahal diri sendiri masih belum berupaya bertudung sepenuhnya. Tapi i know if i wear hijab, I would wear exactly like that, dgn high bun semua kan, now kita dah tahu, maybe ada byk cara lain lagi untuk nampak cantik walaupun dgn memakai tudung tanpa perlu dilaknat. I can't say much, i am so insignificant. Better stop now than suddenly someone would say I act louder than talk. We are reaching the end of the world. Me myself feeling afraid when thinking bout what will happen to me in life after death. Sembahyang tak cukup lagi, aurat tak tutup lagi, tiap hari cuba nak tetapkan iman ni supaya berada di landasan yang betul. Sangat-sangat bersyukur berjauhan dgn boyfriend. Kalau bertemu suatu hari nanti, hope kami tak over react, we both want the best, and we both nak hubungi ni diberkati. AMIN.
Semoga hari esok masih ada.
ps: If there's any mistakes in my words, I'm sorry. Correct me.


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