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Ask me anything.yes, ANYTHING.
I sleep late tonight, just taking some advantage from my weekly leave tomorrow. Yay! happy happy.

But for now,
[mind the hairy leg]

why eh, if you're with your loved ones, you will never realize how times fly fast.
Yes, I miss my other half in JB.
Phewphewwhewwwww what a word to start with, yes, i am sighing. What a week! You know, i work 6days a week, 8 hours a day. Okay not much for exhausted-ness. But still my body feel ache here and there every moment i reached home. I like working from 3pm-11pm, because by the time i reached home, i can go to sleep. That is my sleep time, and i can wake up late. How i hate working from 11pm-7am, penat gila okay. And mengantuk. And menakutkan. And menyeramkan. And membosankan. And membanyak kerjakan. Really. Time ni la baru stock nak sampai, nak restock barang semua. And mungkin akan berdepan dgn kaki-botol, or kaki-tin-royal stout. Yep, there was one uncle ni, from 1am until 7am mcm tu kan, keluar masuk beli. and the 7th time he came in, pintu pun dah tak nampak. Ingatkan tunggu kat luar sebab nak bagi hilang mabuk, rupanya lepas tu masuk beli lagi. And the next day i work at the same shift, he was still wearing the same shirts. Yuks. *sigh* working at 24hours convenience retail store is n…