DAISO Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal

          I'm a sucker for pore pack. I really love seeing all dirt coming out from my nose. Hence I always looked for the perfect pore pack. During my school days, I only know the Biore pore pack, which leaving me with zero results. Nothing coming out from my nose. When I start working, I try the famous Hansaegee, it works well, but since it requires me to buy it online, the price is quite pricey, RM37 for 10 strips, which is RM3.70 each. Postage excluded. For those who might have less visible pores like I do, you should have no problem buying this. But since me, have very visible pores, and my nose is kinda oily, I prefer myself using the DAISO Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal. It only costs me RM5 for 4 strips; RM1.25 each. So that's a steal for me. With RM37 I can get 7 packs of it; 28 strips, which can lasts for 7 months, maybe?

          Back to the review, I've been a satisfied user using this pore pack. It sucks all the dirt very well. In fact I can feel they're coming out from my nose. Eww. Gross. But satisfying. The direction is just the same; wet your nose, and apply the strip nicely to your nose. Let it do it's work for 15-20 minutes, or less. 

Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal by DAISO

Can you see the whiteheads? No?

Now, can you see the whiteheads? YES!

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