Long Distance Relationship

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.

First of all, I have missed blogging so much. Can u imagine my last post was in 2015? 3 years ago! And within 3 years, a new baby has born. 

2017 - was a year where my husband, my kids and I started our long distance relationship. I was pregnant, heavily pregnant when we moved out from our Kepong quarters and then I have to live with my in law and my husband has to live with his too.

The first few months were tiring. I sometimes had to drive back and forth to Ipoh since I miss my kids and husband so much plus I am the one who uses the car. For your information, my husband has been transferred to Ipoh, working in the same department as my parent. So they went to work together. At first I decide to take care of Hana here in KL but then with my then condition (hypertension), we decided to let her ayah took care of her too along with Haqimi. So my husband are taking care of both my children while I am in KL.

Until the day Safiyyah was born on 8 November 2017, then  I got to spend 3 months with them. Then we went separated again when my maternity leave has ended on February 2018.

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