Presenting TweetDeck

This is my TweetDeck where I sync my facebook and twitter

Since facebook seems like harder to load nowadays, I plan to use this as another option. The update notification is much easier.

Notification update from twitter

facebook update

viewing facebook's profile from TweetDeck

composing update for facebook and twitter, or you can select either one.

options for facebook

This application really makes me go lallalala coz every single thing is simple and u don't have to worry about any internet-traffic jammed. Sometimes when you open facebook, it takes time to load and the notifications are a bit late. One disadvantage that I found by using this TweetDeck is it can't notifies me when someone's commenting my post or status. But it's okay, it has a refresh button and I just have to take a look at my previous post whether there's any comments or not. For those who has Myspace, you guys can also add your myspace column. You can set how your TweetDeck will look like base on your personality. Pretty convenience for me. Thanks for making cyber world more interesting

click here to download TweetDeck

Rating: ****


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