theeheehee the lover

believe it or not, this is the type of song that he sang to me when we were in bus, and I can be dead sleep listening to them. Seriously lah gila. And I miss him singing, that's why I posted it here, so I can watch it repeatedly. Kitorang kan jauh gilaaa, so bagi la saya peluang nak beromantika dalam 2 3 4 5 entri nii. Haha. This is him. Luaran macam ni, dalaman, err biar saya je lah tahuu. He loves love me butch(local) and loads of international hardcore bands. Haihh. Too many. He's spontaneous. He's outspoken. He less care bout people, except his family, me and friends. I have some sort of jealousy, but he's not. He never waits when something bothering his mind. He will try finding the solution. I love when he worked at Ibu(warung dekat UiTM Segamat), that time we were broke, it was short sem people, where we have to struggle finding foods, entertainment while everyone else were having a blast at home enjoying their hols. The story is, he gave me his earnings for me to buy food. awww. :') but the working thing only lasted for less than 5days I guess, hehee, our Abah and Ayah dah bank in lah lepas tu. Tapi still he wanted to stand on his own feet. Sekarang pun sama, he's working hard, and I know he wants to buy me something for my next year birthday. Oh alamak, 29 Dec is the date, I still haven't look for his prezzie. I guess 'skull shirt' will be good. Haih I want to be next to him when its 12am. Like last year, I wished earlier, afraid that his friends will sms faster. Theeehee last year was the best. He's the best. :)


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