Listen guys, I just found new obsession, or some kind of 'orgasm'. Haha kidding. I fell in love with Chris Colfer. He plays as Kurt Hummel in Glee. Yeh, he's that gay. Just in that show lah wei. Real life; he's not. Argh geramnya. Tahu tak kalau aku tgk Glee tu, aku asyik tunggu dia muncul. And senyum sorang bila nampak dia. Am i madly in love? Mati lah akuuu, dia kat LA. Memang sampai sudah tak jumpa. Sorry b, sy just suka-suka suka dia? Hah? Suka suka suka? Nak tahu tak kenapa he's my favourite?

He's handsome.

I guess cute guys play big roles in increasing show's rating. I see many fans just love him, no matter the fact that he plays as gay on Glee, c'mon guys, look at him, no wonder Mercedes so crazy bout him. I go gaga over him too! Dalam phone aku, byk gambar dia.

Okay bye. Nak mimpi Chris Colfer ;))


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