I Love To Touch My __________

I love to touch my touch screen phone! How I hate using keypad phones because I'm not sure if I have sharp finger nails or what because everytime I use it, the button will be broken. Or sometimes, the numbers started to fade. And sometimes, the button seemed to lose its' function!

When my mother wanna borrow it, she would say "Kakak, huruf apa ni, nombor apa ni, pakai handphone macam mana ni sampai hilang number" and I said, "Ala, kakak kan dah hafal nombor/huruf dkt button tu"

That's the power of SMS-ing yaw. Yeh, I am sms freak. I sms a lot. Especially with my boyfriend. I guess that's how a silent person like me; screaming. How ugly the phone will be when the button is broken. Very very ugly, bluerrghh. When my father asked me, to choose the phone, I choose the full touch screen type of phone. At least I can be nice with the virtual keypad on screen. I don't have to worry about any broken buttons. It is so leceh to use phone with buttons. -___-"

Hell yeah, I don't wanna this no moreeeee. :/

They look deliciousssssss. Yummehh!


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