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Korban Ramadhan.

I'm single now. No double double. I guess I am too buzy to be paired. Tons of work. Eventho I'll resign this job, still I have accepted other job, as the freelance database system analyzer. It's not easy, but since my current company now is a bit confusing, it's time to make a move. I feel like they used me for the fact that I'm a Malay. Senang nak dpt kontrak dgn kerajaan. Lepas tu bagi kerja yg byk gila, yg tak sesuai dgn kelayakan aku. Dengan gaji yg sikit. Bila aku cakap dgn kwn aku gaji aku RM700 ja, dia ckp, "Hang tipu ni, baik hang keja taiping ja gaji mcm tu". See. Isk. So, resign letter on its' way, sure gonna hit them right. And with this, I can't commit to him. That's why, our 2 years, has ended, last night. I'm very tired to pujuk. Takkan la everytime, pujuk, baik, then gaduh balik. Yeah, I know it was my mistake. I don't think I have the mood for any love anymore. Saying goodbye to you, is a new start for me. Kebahagiaan d…