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As I was reading back...

As I was reading back my entry regarding the scammed company, I am glad, that my blog helped a lot of people from being scammed. Masa tu, eager sangat nak cari kerja, maklumlah nak kahwin kan, so nak kena ada duit, from AIA to Real Ingenious to Gingersnaps to Heitech Padu (current employee). Alhamdulillah I have been working here for almost 9 months already. 
Nasihat saya utk adik-adik/kakak-kakak/abang-abang yg fresh graduates tu, please cari kerja guna sumber yang betul. It's not that I'm saying cari kerja guna newspaper tak boleh dipercayai, but guna Jobstreet or directly send your resume to the company's email are more promising. In fact, the company that I'm currently working ni FIND my resume on Jobstreet. They were the one who find and look for me. Upload and update your resume, make it looks interesting. Put all effort in writing the best resume. You want people to look for you.
I've experienced ups and downs in life. Being a failure in studies, working le…

7 weeks and counting

Assalamualaikum. Dah 7 minggu, alhamdulillah, and last Monday baru first time experienced muntah-muntah. Bunyi mcm tak best, but actually I was excited when I vomited. Baru lah rasa mengandung. But when I told Mak bout this, she was unsure, sebab masa dia pregnant dulu, dia tak pernah muntah-muntah or alah apa-apa. That's why kadang-kadang dia tak tau nak explain mcm mana.
I plan to go for a check-up this coming Saturday, nak tau condition kandungan and my baby je. Harap-harap sihat and normal. I just read a blog about someone yg pecah air ketuban during her 16 weeks, which was too early. And she thought she peed. She is now admitted to the hospital for more than 2 months now and I almost cried reading how she and her baby struggling to live. I hope everything is well for them.
Now, I am extra careful on what I consume everyday. I'll make sure that I take folic acid everyday. I drank Horlicks at night before I go to sleep. And semalam mintak husband ambilkan first belly photo…

Tak sabar tunggu awak, sayang!

Selamat Tahun Baru Masihi 2013 ye semua. Lama gila lah tak menulis blog ni. Asyik blogwalking je. Last entry rasanya 2 weeks after I got married. Hehe. 
Sekarang ni Alhamdulillah, I'm 7 weeks pregnant, syukur syukur. Allah mendengar doa kami, walaupun ada yang cakap baru kahwin ni elok enjoy dulu ye dak? Tapi bagi kami, ada anak nanti lagi enjoy, insyaAllah. After 4 weeks baru lah start rasa loya semua tu, muntah-muntah. Now dah takut nak makan sebab takut muntah balik tapi I have to eat something kan?
Bila baring-baring dgn husband, before we sleep, selalu cakap dengan dia,
"Eh abang, kita dah kahwin lah"
"Dah nak dapat baby dah pun sayang", dia jawab.
Haha I still can't get over what we have been throughout 5 years of on-off relationship. 
Allah is the Greatest. He planned everything so beautiful. 
Tengah tunggu masa nak buat first scan je ni, I hope my baby will be fine and healthy. InsyaAllah Umi will give u all the nutrients u need. 
And baby, Umi min…