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It is never too late

macam papadom, makan sekali mau lagi. sama la ni, nak tengok lagi lah.

Suddenly, I realized that I MISS YOU.

Oh , my life has been so boring lately. I've got no new clothes to wear, shoes and my cat keeps on meowing , i dont know what happen to her or what she's telling me actually. I am busy on writing my reports now and UiTM is a very last minute university u know, especially my faculty, they haven't decided when is the exact date of our presentation. urgh killing me tau coz I tak siap lagi report tu.

I miss school. Primary school, Secondary. *sigh* I just miss the moment when we only study and play. I remember those time when we couldnt wait to grow older, like going to college, working. I remember when I were in SK Sg Rokam, I sang hindustan's songs at the back of the class, we were playing "Batu Seremban", during recess we played "Zero Point". Monopoly and macam macam lagi lah kan. I remember when went to Changkat Jering where my friend was being like makcik-pergi-pasar, HE bought lots of vegetables and ulaman. Adoii. I just bought ayam percik je kot t…