Decorating white space.

love this a lottttt.

heart this.

so cute! i would have bite 'em. grrr



i am looking for this.

great combination of color, calming.

believe me, if i have this, i would have studied harder..

..and this would do too..

..so do this.. *sigh*

i wanna be a sleeping princess or maybe a sleepy princess, eheh?

for mak and abah *oh ckp je la for me en husband, hihi*

for me *for daughter of mine wahaha*

for abang *or for my son, haha*

for adik *or my other daughter, [laughing non-stop]*

place where I spend the day reading *dreaming*

more color,kids area

so so so lovinn it!

ahhh rumahku syurgaku.

pictures are courtesy of freshome.com

hehehe if i own a house, the decoration will be like this lah kan. lots of whiteeeee. lots of wooooodddd. i dont mind if its going to be a small house [kecik pun comel pa?], but the decoration will ABSOLUTELY like this. my future husband kena suka ni, kalau tak, jgn kahwin. HAHA. *serious niii*. except for the wooden floor tu, boleh change kot, pakai parquet pun takpa. at least element tu ada. why i choose white? hmm senang match kot. hehe kan? i.d.k. im not the expertise. i dont mind if i have a kids, and they will conteng-conteng, but make sure, use crayon aaa, boleh jadi some sort of decoration, artsy gitu, haha. wah berangan byk ni. pedulik ah. but i know, these wooden furnitures will cost me a lot, takpa la, pelan-pelan kumpul duit. after diploma ni, cari kerja, kumpul aset, yay! then baru nak sambung degree.

Minah Jenin

It is always me.

Anything would be me. I am the one who gets overexcited. I am the one who always over-emotional. ME, ME, ME. I am so dammnn exhausted with this. Like, hello? Can't u just be more rational? Macam dah takda benda lain nak rasa. Ohh okay 9jin masuk bdn. Fine.